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April 28, 2011 - Spring Jolt!


Dear Coffee Fans & Friends of 44 North,
As they say in Deer Isle, "How’s by you"?
After an April Fools Day blizzard the crocuses are re-emerging and Spring is endeavoring to arrive in Deer Isle, Maine.  Along with the snow, April has brought big and evolving changes for 44 North Coffee.  It has been nearly 5 months since we first opened our doors and announced our presence with weekly coffee roasting aroma.  Thanks to our incredibly dedicated customer base and better than anticipated first quarter sales, we both have committed ourselves to a full-time schedule to match the growth of our business and the upcoming increase of Summer traffic on the island.  We hope this will translate into longer days, more frequent open hours, and fewer nights of burning the midnight roaster oil.  
Notable news:
The website is live (!)  Now via the web, 44 North is available & shipping fresh organic beans to your doorstep.  Ooooh the aroma when you first open the package!  Keep in mind that coffee always makes excellent gifts for friends and family.   
Starting Friday May 13th, 44 North will be present at the [Friday] Stonington farmers market from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and the [Saturday] Blue Hill farmers market from 9:00 - 11:30 a.m.  Our booth will offer fresh roasted beans for sale by the bag and in bulk.  Another exciting addition will be our custom built "slow-drip" coffee bar where you can purchase a tasty brewed cup of fair-trade / organic coffee for sipping as you cruise the market.  

And perhaps the most noteworthy news (!)...44 North has been awarded a local business grant to support our efforts of roasting sustainably grown coffee.  The grant money will go towards the building of a mobile farmers market booth & coffee bar with educational panels.  

In addition to the farmer's market and our shop in the Seamark building, 44 North Coffee is available for purchase at 3 locations on the Blue Hill peninsula -- Lily's Cafe in Stonington, the Blue Hill Co-op, and The Cave in Brooklin.  

Coming soon at 44 North:

    +  New blends!  There's a blend in the works that will add a little extra "zing" to the Spring season.  Stay tuned to our website...

    +  Mark your calendar for our first roastery event highlighting coffee brew methods from around the world -- Sunday May 22nd.  Time: TBA

    +  University "exam / cram week" care packages--complete with a 12 oz french press + 2 bags of 44 North Coffee--just in time for final season!

We would like to extend a tremendously large thank you to our wonderful customers who have offered feedback and support during the start-up of our business.  It continues to be a truly fun ride.  Cheers to the morning / afternoon / evening ritual of coffee!  And a tribute to those who work so hard to grow and nurture each coffee tree from seed to cup. 
Happy Spring!

Melissa & Megan

You may have read an article or heard a recent radio segment about the global rise in coffee prices.  Please know that despite the price increase, our commitment remains to roasting and selling only 100% fair-trade / organic coffee beans.  For some interesting insight (in cartoon format!) as to why global coffee prices are increasing, please visit this link:

Jun 19, 2011

Great cup of coffee @ Blue Hill market!


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