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November 2, 2010 - Mission: Green Bean

Voting Day!

Here at 44 North Coffee we recently did some of our own electing.  Deciding on our first four origins of green coffee beans; our founding beans if you will. Our new friend and roasting mentor, Charlie of The Coffee Exchange in Providence, RI, generously assisted in our selection of green coffee.  After a lot of thought and research Melissa and I settled on four origins - East Timor, Bolivia, Peru (decaf), & Ethiopian Sidamo.  Each sure to be fantastic, tasty and outrageously bold and originating from very different coffee regions all over the world.  I am very tempted to launch into the passionate descriptions of the coffee experts research, but I will instead resist until we have our own roasting and cupping notes.


In case you were wondering, 550 lbs of coffee beans fit quite nicely in a Saab 9-5 and that is how I picked up our first round of green beans.

Finally we have the “golden” (green) beans to begin our business on our little island in Maine, just in time for winter!

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