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October 5, 2010 - And So It Begins...

We’re starting a coffee roasting business!  That's this little pocket of Maine, we're are aiming to to turn those hard green coffee beans that come in big jute sacks of 150 lbs each from mysterious origins into brown, delicious, aromatic roasted coffee!
This is not just any ‘ol operation where you fire up the coffee roaster, stroll away, and come back when the timer "dings."  Not even close.  At 44 North Coffee we are all about artisan roasting techniques with ample attention right down to the selection of fair-trade / organic coffee beans, multiple sampling sessions and roasts that eventually lead us to figure out the height of flavor.  The place where the coffee can "sing" in your cup.

How did we decide to do this?  Great question.  I think it would help to describe Deer Isle, Maine for those who have never been here.  At 44.23 north latitude, the landscape is typical of rocky coastal Maine - stunning and inspiring.  The community is small and provides a home to many self-taught, motivated, hard-working, and “buy local” conscious individuals.  We've been seeing a big increase in folks wanting to support local entrepreneurs and being the coffee consumers that we are, 44 North Coffee is now on the map.

We found a need to fuel our own refined coffee addictions and a need to provide a product that could not only wake folks up in this early-rising pocket of Maine, but keep them charging along with splendor throughout their day.  

In our Diedrich IR-3 machine, we roast in batches of 6.6 pounds at a time.  On average, a roast cycle takes anywhere between 14-18 minutes.  Coffee will be fresh roasted within 24-48 hours of pick-up and we will often recommend that your coffee maintain the whole bean form until the time of consumption in order to preserve freshness.

Our coffee will come from various coffee-growing regions in the world and might even have seasonal availability at times just like the tomatoes in your garden.  Keep an eye our for specials and highlighted origin coffees on our website.

Morning is a special time for most and often that first sip of coffee holds importance in both ritual and energetic warming.  We feel thankful to be part of that experience and will strive to provide you with the very best roasts we can offer!

With Peace & Coffee,

Melissa & Megan

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