Stonecutter Series - Honey Processed Honduras Microlot from Edil Benitez
Stonecutter Series - Honey Processed Honduras Microlot from Edil Benitez
Stonecutter Series - Honey Processed Honduras Microlot from Edil Benitez

Stonecutter Series - Honey Processed Honduras Microlot from Edil Benitez


The Stonecutter Series is a monthly highlighted coffee in our seasonal Stonington Café. As an ode to the granite quarrying of Stonington and the Stonecutter memorial statue across from the café, these beans are selected by our roaster for their "je ne sais quoi" - unique small coffee producing region of the world, inventive processing method and / or out of this world flavor. Limited amounts available, changing monthly, and adorned with a beautiful gold & black sticker, take an adventure and grab a bag while supplies last.

We are really excited to highlight this delicious coffee from this small 2.14 hecactre organic farm owned and operated by producer Edil Adonis Benitez. Founded in 2013, at 5,700 ft. elevation in Santa Ana, Honduras, Edil says, “Since I was little, I felt a great wonder about the universe. I have always felt a curiosity about it. When I was in grade school I would dream about designing and building spaceships that would circle planets and I wanted to pursue a career in aerospace engineering. Over time, this idea came to change as I began to explore the subject in books. As I learned more about the planets I came to realize how we are made of cosmic dust that is millions of millions of years old. 

As a producer, I am part of the third generation of my family that has dedicated itself to coffee production. My upbringing since I was little, first by my father who was also in agriculture, and later by my natural inclination towards agriculture and the natural world, has made it possible for me to innovate and experiment with coffee processing. On the farm I have trialed different techniques and processes that has allowed us to express the different characteristics of a great coffee.

My family and I are very satisfied with our work. We have a passion for coffee quality that reflects itself in a cup that satisfies our customers. It is all part of the coding of the universe dating back billions of years and is now marked in our family's history.

To achieve our quality profile, we balance many factors, starting with plant nutrition, cherry selection, resting and drying periods and drying in a covered solar dryer minding temperature and relative moisture. This process is relatively short, starting by selectively harvesting the coffee, ensuring that cherries get picked at their optimal point of maturity. Following harvesting, cherries are manually sorted to ensure no damaged cherries are included in the batch. The coffee is then spread out in nylon screens for drying, agitated every 15 minutes for the first three days in order to avoid damage by moisture. The coffee is then dried for an additional three weeks until the coffee reaches a moisture level of 12%.”

This is a honey processed coffee where the coffee cherry fruit is left on during the air drying process. Honey processed coffee can literally taste like someone has put honey and brown sugar in your cup of coffee – although the name actually comes from how sticky the beans get during processing. In many ways, this type of coffee is halfway between a washed coffee and a natural process coffee: it’s fruity, but not in as exaggerated a way as some naturals. It often has a more rounded acidity than washed coffees, with intense sweetness and complex mouthfeel.

We are getting tasting notes of strawberry astronaut extra creamy ice cream.

Latitude: 14º North

Certified Organic

All bags come Whole Bean. For ground beans please select "Ground" and specify your brew method in the message box at checkout. Default grind is drip.

Not available for subscription due to limited quantity available.