La Morena - Guatemala
La Morena - Guatemala
La Morena - Guatemala

La Morena - Guatemala


Tasting notes: Honeydew melon, jasmine and warm brioche

Roast level: Light

Location: Three women owned farms from the southwest / central Guatemala, .

Latitude = 15 north

We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with Genuine Origin coffee importers to bring in this unique coffee from the woman farmers of Guatemala.

Why this coffee?

Women are involved in all the steps of the coffee supply chain, but their involvement at origin is much more intense than higher up the chain. You can find many women picking coffee if you visit a farm during crop season. But as you move further in the supply chain,you will find fewer women involved and in less key positions.

The idea of this coffee lot is to raise awareness of the gender inequality at origin. Women face many more obstacles than male coffee farmers. This coffee is the result of the hard work of three amazing and brave women, who decided against the odds to be coffee farmers.  

La Morena was grown on women owned coffee farms, picked, processed, exported, imported, and roasted ALL BY WOMEN.

We hope you enjoy!