Homer Alarcón Gayoso's Microlot Peru Gesha

Homer Alarcón Gayoso's Microlot Peru Gesha


This is a unique opportunity for 44 North Coffee to directly source these juicy Gesha beans from the individual farmer. With a limited crop to offer, Homer Alarcón Gayoso of San José del Alto, Jaén in Peru, planted this varietal in 2018 and had his first harvest in 2020. Homer loves everything about this varietal: the plant, the floration, the seed and the flavor. All the work at their 0.5 hectare farm is done by him, his wife Elsa, and their 3 children. 

Homer says, "To me it is a great joy that my coffee has reached very far. I feel that the work of producers is being recognized more every day."

Tasting notes: Bright juicy body with notes of cranberry and ground cherry

Roast level: Light

Location: San José del Alto in Jaén Peru, 1,800 msnm

Latitude = 5º South

Only available in 1/2 lb. bags. Highly suggested to be consumed black, without the addition of dairy or alternatives.

Certified Organic & Fair Trade

All bags come Whole Bean. For ground beans please select "Ground" and specify your brew method in the "Special Instructions" box in the lower left corner on the Cart page. Default grind is drip.