Natural Process Ethiopia - Sidamo - 44 North Coffee

Natural Process Ethiopia Sidamo


This is a Natural Process coffee, so expect an explosion of fruit and rustic flavor. We do not recommend this coffee matched with dairy. Click here to learn more on the natural processing method.

Tasting notes: Soft plum with a maple butter finish.

Roast level: Light

Location: Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and the country includes many different growing regions: Limu, Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Nekemte, Jimma, Neqemte / Ghimbi, and Harrar.

Latitude: 5º North

Certified Organic & Fair Trade

All bags come Whole Bean. For ground beans please select "Ground" and specify your brew method in the "Special Instructions" box in the lower left corner on the Cart page. Default grind is drip.

Not available for recurring subscription due to limited quantities.