Cáscara - Coffee Cherry Tea

Cáscara, meaning ‘skin’ or ‘husk’ in Spanish, is the outer peel of the coffee cherry (berry). Sun-dried and brewed similarly to tea, cáscara has intense tasting notes of earthy rose hips, tamarind, and sweet hibiscus.

Our cáscara comes from Finca Las Delicias, one of nine farms owned or managed by the Menéndez family in El Salvador.

Committed to environmental sustainability, their coffee is shade-grown. Why do we love this product? Cáscara is loaded with flavor, vitamins, natural sugars, and antioxidants.  Brew hot, iced, or add to your favorite trail mix.

Warning: Cáscara is HIGH IN CAFFEINE. Some say 3x's the zing you get in a cup of coffee.

Brew Instructions:


* Heat water to 200º F

* Place 3 tbsp (18g) of Cascara in 10oz (300ml) heated water

* Steep 4 min. and enjoy


* Place 6 tbsp (36g) of Cascara in 12oz (375ml) cold water

* Steep for 12-16 hours, strain, and enjoy


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