Half-Caf Blend

Half-Caf Blend


Get all that you love of 44 North Coffee with a little less caffeine. 

Our decaf offering is a water-processed (non-chemical) medium-dark roast. The origin changes seasonally between Decaf Peru and Decaf Honduras. So, please note, blend is subject to change seasonally depending on which decaf we have available.

    Each half-caf blend is 50/50 of dark roast Peru and the current decaf offering. Currently it is Decaf Honduras.

    Tasting notes: A well balanced cup. Half the jitters and all the flavor ;)

    Roast level: Medium - Dark

    Latitude = 44º North

    Certified Organic & Fair Trade

    All bags come Whole Bean. For ground beans please select "Ground" and specify your brew method in the message box at checkout. Default grind is drip.