El Salvador Gesha

El Salvador Gesha


This coffee is the unique Gesha varietal. Gesha Arabica variety coffee was first identified in the 1930s, in the mountainous Gesha region of southwestern Ethiopia. After seeds were collected in 1936 by a British consul, the coffee was planted and cultivated in limited, yet various regions around the world.

Gesha coffee begins with the process of picking the ripest cherries. The riper the cherry means the resulting coffee will have a sweeter flavor profile. The flavor profile of Gesha coffee is one aspect that contributes to its renown. Gesha is known for its sweet flavor and aroma of floral notes. This unique flavor and its rarity of availability are some of the contributing factors for Gesha’s novelty and prestige.

This El Salvador Gesha bean originally was planted in the 1950s in Buena Vista. There was a landslide at the farm and one of the trees slid to the bottom of a ditch, where it survived until present day. The coffee cherries are uniquely fragrant and fruit forward. The enticing aroma translates to the cup. The coffee is perfectly sweet with notes of vanilla cherry sarsaparilla.

From Finca Las Delicias, 1 of 9 farms owned and managed by the Menéndez family in El Salvador, this farm is committed to environmental sustainability. While not certified organic their coffee trees are shade-grown with an emphasis on quality over quantity. The farm is Denomination of Origin certified, which requires that the farm protect the ecosystem, encompassing wildlife and native forest, as well as the eco-friendly management of the coffee plantation. There is a social component in the certification ensuring that the workers receive adequate benefits and compensation.

Tasting notes: vanilla cherry sarsaparilla

Roast level: Light

Location: Finca Las Delicias on the Apaneca-Ilamatepeq mountain range, El Salvador. Coffee growing altitude: 4,265-6,233 feet above sea level

Latitude = 13º North

Denomination of Origin Certified

All bags of coffee come Whole Bean. For ground coffee beans please select "Ground" and specify your brew method in the "Special Instructions" box in the lower left corner on the Cart page. Default grind is drip.

Not available for Subscription due to limited quantity and availability.