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CO2 Decaf - Guatemala


What exactly is CO2 Decaf? Also known as the "Supercritical Fluid Extraction Process", "Sparkling Water Process" or the "CO2/Water Process", this is a decaffeination process that uses CO2 instead of water or chemicals. The green beans are soaked in highly compressed carbon dioxide at 73-100 atmospheres of pressure for about 10 hours, which extracts the caffeine from the beans. The pressure is then reduced, and carbon dioxide evaporates or goes through water (aka the Sparkling Water Process) or carbon filters to eliminate the caffeine. The CO2 can then be reused. This decaffeination process removes 95%-99% of caffeine and also reduces the acidity of the coffee, resulting in a smoother cup. Experts say the CO2 process is superior to water processing because of the diffusive properties of the CO2 gas extracting caffeine more efficiently without compromising flavor. You be the expert!

Tasting notes: Velvety Mexican hot chocolate

Roast level: Medium

Location: Chajul area of Triángulo Ixil, Quiché. 

Latitude: 15º North

Certified Organic, Fair Trade & Small Producer

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