Pour Over Kit - The Delux - 44 North Coffee

Pour Over Kit - The Delux


This is truly the perfect coffee lover kit.  Makes every morning (or afternoon or evening) cup with precision and perfection.  A wonderful way to elevate your daily coffee experience.


(1) Manual Hario 'Buono' Drip Kettle (An electric Hario kettle is available for an additional cost, please contact us directly at coffee@44northcoffee.com or 207.348.5208)

(1) Beehouse ceramic dripper

(1) 12 oz. bag of beans

(1) Box of unbleached #4 Coffee Filters

(1) Custom notecard if requested

Please include a personalized message, if applicable, in the message box at checkout.

All bags come Whole Bean. For ground beans please specify your brew method in the message box at checkout. Default grind is drip.