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Spring has finally reached us here in Maine. Peepers, daffodils, melted snow and, of course, coffee!

We had an fantastic first winter in our new roastery & cafe headquarters at 7 Main Street in Deer Isle Village.  Aside from some frozen pipes and the occasional power outage, we love our new home which has made fresh roasted cups of coffee and beans even more accessible. With the increased foot traffic we have expanded our operating hours in Deer Isle, now opening at 7:30 am. It feel great to be there year-round for our regular locals and all the folks who will soon return to Deer Isle.  Thank you all for keeping us busy! 

Our Stonington cafe is planned to open on Memorial Day, Monday May 28th. This summer we are booking in more regular beer and wine evenings with local oysters from Long Cove Sea Farm.  Did you know we have a super sweet apartment for rent above the coffee shop?  Bookings are filling up, but pricing is affordable and the convenience of being above coffee aroma and in the heart of downtown Stonington couldn't be better. Please contact the Island Agency for more info. 

In other news, we have launched a new website with the beautiful photos of Wylde Photography.  Our goal in the re-design was to share a bit more of the energy, natural beauty, and inspiration that Deer Isle provides us with through scrolling photographs and more direct links to our social media which is updated regularly. For a glimpse of the new website, please click here.

/// La Morena - Guatemala ///  We are honored and excited to work with Genuine Origin to bring this fantastic coffee with a great story to you.  This unique coffee has been grown, harvested, processed, exported, imported, and finally roasted ENTIRELY BY WOMEN.  We have under 50# left, so order quickly! (we even did a custom silk screen bag that features "Rosie the Riveter")


Yes! FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $44 until April 21st. Use the promo code: SPRING at the very end of checkout. What a perfect time to re-stock your bean jars or gift coffee to your favorite coffee friend.

We get this question all the time, HOW SHOULD I STORE MY COFFEE?  Please keep in mind when you have a few pounds of beans, it is best to STORE immediately in an airtight container (oxygen = #1 enemy of coffee) and in a cool dark pantry, not in the freezer or refrigerator. Coffee is quick to pick up other surrounding odors and this is why airtight containers are key.     


It is always fun to see our little corner of the globe in the news and we were especially surprised and honored to be recognized by both Food & Wine and Architectural Digest magazine as best coffee & cafe design in the state of Maine. We love what we do and feel even more excited when others notice too!

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