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March 13, 2013 - Day One - Touchdown in Coffee Town

Pre-departure: a little somethin' on the walls to come home to.  Color = tangelo.  Can you tell it's March in Maine?

 Color choice: Tangelo.  Can you tell it's March in Maine?

PDX airport.  Yes.

There are 8.5 bridges that cross the Columbia River in city center Portland.  We smelled coffee roasting as we crossed the Burnside Bridge today.

Burnside Bridge.

Portland, OR sign atop the White Stag Building.

First coffee, first food at Mother's Brunch.  Had an delicious french press of Rwandan coffee roasted by Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Courier Coffee on SW Oak Street.  I ordered a cascara tea, which is the fruit or 'husk' of the coffee cherry dried & brewed for 5+ minutes.  Had a surprisingly strong sweetness & gave me a wicked caffeine buzz, more than any coffee I've drank in the past years!

Nice vibe at Courier Coffee.  Old school rap records playing while the two baristas manned the walk-up coffee bar.  Simple menu written on a piece of cardboard paper.  No tight and orderly system here, but you were acknowledged right away, made welcome, and stood around long enough to engage with a fellow coffee drinker previously unknown.

Barista from Courier sent us to Sterling Coffee Roasters.  


Gorgeous coffee service.  All shots of espresso [we had a single origin from Colombia + shared a latte] come with bubbly water.  Pistachio macaroon was to die for.

Crisp and clean in Sterling.  White table cloths, gorgeous wooden service bar, royal blue paint accents, and flowers on every table.  Really nice barista named Amy who will be coming to SCAA in Boston this April. 


Latitude check.

After all that coffee....certainly room for a flight of beer!  Rogue Brewing Co. on NW Flanders Street.


It's spring in Oregon!  This one is for you, Dad / Chipper.  King of backyard garden gutter growing.

Chinatown gate, west Portland.

Back across the river.  Steel bridge.

VW's and daffodils.  This one is for you, Aaron Bulger.

Apr 13, 2013

Love your coffee! (get mine from Tradewinds or Blue Co-op). Would like to try that “cascara tea”. Like your sippy cup top idea, and may get some. F.Y.I.> to avoid wearing coffee during Maine mudtime/pothole season, put a straw through the sippy cup top or other coffee lid opening – it prevents the “slop”. :-)

Ingrid Scott
Mar 14, 2013

HEY! Tangelo is the color I used in my bathroom!!!!
The idea that you can make tea out of "the husk of the dried coffee cherry is very romantic. Carry on!

Buzz Masters
Mar 14, 2013

Lookin good girlz. hope all is going well and you are having fun (I imagine you are)


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