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Photo Contest - the Winners!

 Thank you everyone who participated in our 1st photo contest.  For those who missed out, we hope you find some inspirations for next time!  We had some fantastically fun photos.  Now, without further ado, the winners:

1st Place: Kaolin P.

Taking the cake with incredible creativity and time-staking craftsmanship, we fell in love with your custom recycled coffee bag vest (featuring the "44 Luv" bag & a well constructed collar). Congratulations, Kaolin!  You win a 44 North t-shirt, diner mug, and oh so much coffee for you and a friend :)

2nd Place: David T.

Amazing! 44 North Coffee ads are showing up far and wide.  Even on the sides of old barns in the Midwest where the red-tail hawks perch way up high.  Thank you for spreading the word with some adventurous advertising (and...ahem...graphic design skills)!  We hope you enjoy your new diner mug and choice of beans.

3rd Place: Maureen F.

Some of you might know how much we love good dogs here at 44 North. What could be better than a good dog with great coffee in balance! Thank you, Maureen and Max.  We hope you enjoy drinking morning brew from your new diner mug (sorry no dog bowls yet).

Now, some honorable mentions from true fans:




Dec 25, 2013

Superb vest Kaolin! Thanks for the coffee and movies! Merry Christmas! LOve,
Uncle John

John D.C. Masters
Jan 10, 2013

Wow! Love the vest too. extremely creative and deserves 1st. place.


david twigg

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