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2017 Photo Contest - And the winner is.....Josh Lewis!

Posted by Melissa Raftery on May 11, 2017 0 Comments

Congrats and THANK YOU to Josh Lewis who submitted these photos back in March.

Josh writes: "Here's my entry for the photo contest. All the photos were taken in a small Thai village near the border with Myanmar in Kanchanaburi Province. The person wearing the shirt is a teacher who is also a farmer. The first two shots are taken on her land. The third shows her returning, with two students who helped her, to the village over a recently repaired bridge (it used to have a lot of planks missing). I like to think that the first photo shows that even though she was very happy with the shirt, she still gets cranky without the coffee :) The second shows the amazing effects of coffee, even when you're not drinking it.  (True village story: one day I saw some reddish berries and asked a student what they were. She looked at me in stunned amazement, "You don't know? But teacher, you drink it every day!" And that's when I learned what coffee really looks like...and just how ignorant I was. Ha!)

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