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3rd Annual Photo Contest - The Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 3rd annual photo contest!  We appreciate the lengths to which your 44 North beans and gear have traveled, been sipped, posed with, etc. For those who missed out, we hope you find some inspirations for next time!  We had some fantastically fun photos.  Now, without further ado, the winners:

1st Place: Jane and Rich G. [London & Deer Isle, ME]

This is a picture of Westminster Bridge on the Thames in London looking at the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey. It was taken on New Year's Eve. The nearest Tube stop is Westminster (just in case you want to know), or, my very favorite, Waterloo, a Station to the east - about half a mile away. Waterloo Bridge, one road traffic bridge to the east, inspired the Kinks song, 'Waterloo Sunset.'  

2nd Place: Shannon S. & Andrew D. [Deer Isle, ME]

You might recognize baby Nolan from last year's photo contest. Not such a wee babe anymore, more a young guy on the move, forever curious and investigative.  This photo captures an especially sweet moment where Nolan fell in love with a fresh baked Tinder Hearth croissant while plopped on top of a bag of green coffee beans from Sumatra. 

3rd Place: Tessa B. [Deer Isle]

Woot, woot! This photo of Kim reppin' her 44 North t-shirt was snapped in a local Deer Isle kitchen of one of our dear friends, Tessa. 

And now, for the HONORABLE mentions:

 44 North tee blowin in the warm winds of Wilmington, NC! by Kathy R.


"Best of both worlds here tonight as we ring in the New Year with some Sumatra."by Paul D.


Thanks to ALL who participated.  The photo contest will return starting in Oct 2015, but submissions can be entered at any time.

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