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Late Summer Treats: Basil Infused Cold Brew Coffee and New Bee House Dripper Colors

Greetings! It's been a while since our last blog post. But we're still here, we promise! Mel and Megan and our awesome summer team including Marni, Lila, and Addie have been working steadily pouring endless cups of coffee, bagging beans, and keeping that roaster cranking in the back room. Thankfully, we have all enjoyed a few ocean swims, garden delights, and goof-off's in between work hours (including these moments):


How can one not love summer? Recently we experimented a bit with cold brewing iced coffee infused with fresh (ripped up) basil leaves. The result, you ask?  Incredible! If you aren't on the cold brew coffee wagon already, here is a link put out by Bon Appetite magazine that basically mimics they way we do cold brew at 44 North.  We recommend our lighter roasted beans -- Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Guatemala, Mexico, Dominican Republic -- and, in our opinion, a coarse grind works best.


To add a fresh herbal note, simply rip up (1) cup of basil and lightly blend in with coarse ground coffee and water at the beginning of process. The finished product has delightful grassy notes and the whole iced cup becomes sweeter with the addition of milk or cream. Matches perfectly with a baked triangle doughnut too.

Another new addition are the arrival of the goldenrod yellow and gray steel drippers from Bee House Japan.  They brighten up our shop like crazy and make an incredible cup of slow-drip coffee. Click here for more info or to purchase.

Cheers to summer and the oncoming leaves of autumn!  

With Love, Team 44 North


Sep 13, 2014

Had a chance to stop by and introduce my fellow Haystackers to your amazing coffee and iced coffee too couple of weeks ago! We were very happy to know that Tom at Haystack is brewing your coffee! It was so nice to come back to see you all still incredibly enthusiastic and growing! It was extra special to be on Deer Isle to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Deer Isle Sedgewick Bridge. I am saving the bag containing Reach Roast because I love the green graphic of the bridge. I’ll be sure to place an order soon, too! Best wishes and I hope to be back to visit again soon!

Tim Hayduk

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