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2nd Annual Photo Contest - The Winners!

Thank you everyone who participated in our 2nd annual photo contest.  We appreciate the lengths to which your 44 North beans and gear have traveled, been sipped, posed with, etc. For those who missed out, we hope you find some inspirations for next time!  We had some fantastically fun photos.  Now, without further ado, the winners:

1st Place: Bethany W. [Detroit, MI]

Bethany, age 14, is no stranger to firehouses.  Her dad has served as a Detroit fireman for 20+ years and these buddies of his were happy to strike a pose with both 44 North ceramic mug and "keep calm" sticker. Congratulations, Bethany!  You win a 44 North t-shirt, diner mug, and oh so much coffee for you and a friend :)

2nd Place: Shannon S. & Andrew D. [Deer Isle, ME]

One of baby Nolan's first debut trips out of the house after being born was a visit up the stairs of Seamark into the 44 North coffee shop.  Usually after each pour, Mel tries to get a little Nolan squeeze while his parents enjoy their coffee.  We love the creativity and fun in this shot. Congratulations Shannon and Andrew! You win a 44 North mug and a bag 'o beans for your personal home brewing.


3rd Place: Susan O. & Eric D. [Portland, OR]

A submission from one of our absolute favorite coffee towns!  We love that 44 North is represented so well in PDX.  Great smiles and thank you Susan and Eric!  We hope our paths will cross one day soon.  Enjoy drinking coffee from your newly awarded 44 North diner mug.


And now, for the HONORABLE mentions:

Fruit stand & 44 North Coffee @5 cents a cup! by David T.


Handsome pup & the Flatirons outsides of Boulder, CO. by Paul P.


Thanks to ALL who participated.  The photo contest will return starting in Oct 2014.

Jan 31, 2014

Hip hip! HOORAY!

Jan 28, 2014

Yeah Wieskes!!! Great picture

Ellen and Carole

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